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Vida Optima

The Floating Light Bulb


  • Magical Magic】Adopting headroom magnetic levitation technology, free automatic rotation in air, and no need any support or contact. It will help your kid overcome its fear of the dark and spark its creativity if used as bedroom decoration, have unique visual effects.
  • [Safe and reliable] Wireless power transmission, the bulb is powered by air through induction, and the lamp is made of environmentally friendly material (PLA). It is powered by electromagnetic induction, no cable or built-in battery. The LED is very soft. It is harmless to the eyes and has a long service life (the correct use can last for several years).
  • [Perfect Gifts] - Gifts for lovers, friends, parents, children on Christmas, birthday, holidays, weddings, anniversaries and business
  • [Multiple uses] Attractive and decorative lights, a cool concept that provides a gorgeous and unique decoration for your home, office, conference room, auditorium, cafeteria and laboratory with unique visual effects.