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Yoga Foam Roller


  • DESIGN THAT YOU CAN FEEL –Measuring 12’’ in length and 5’’ in diameter, the Yoga EVO foam roller has medium firm Bumps, Grids And Grooves that help massaging muscles and deep-tissue knots, just like the hands of a massage therapist would do
  • HEAL, SOOTHE & PREPARE MUSCLES – This roller is great for warm up, cool down and recovery. It helps you ease soreness and stiffness, reduce recovery time, avoid injury, improve range of motion through Deep Myofascial Release (applying pressure to specific points on the body)
  • GET EVERYWHERE – Massage every spot that hurts, until all your body is pain-free with the Accessories that come with the roller. You get three: two Massage Balls for massaging small aching areas and one Small Roller for massaging the soles of the feet and the heel
  • YOU HAVE IT FOR GOOD – You get a High Quality, durable roller. On a high rigidity PVC core there is a EVA high density foam outer layer, which is a soft, extremely elastic yet tough material. Moreover, it is stress-crack resistant, waterproof, sweat proof and resistant to ultraviolet radiation. Rest assured that it won’t wear out or lose shape in time
  • ENJOY PORTABILITY – The Roller is compact and Lightweight. You can easily fit it in your gym bag or backpack and take it anywhere. If you practice at home, it’s extremely easy to find a place to put it away thanks to it’s size and small weight