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Yoga Mat Cleaner


  • CALMING CITRUS - Clean your mat and calm your nerves at the same time. The citrus scent is derived from organic orange essential oil & has therapeutic properties You’ll love this all natural, organic yoga mat cleaner from ASUTRA. A trusted brand for natural and organic products to elevate your yoga practice - used by thousands of yogis worldwide.
  • HANDCRAFTED BY YOGA CLEAN FREAKS: Asutra is all about safe natural, organics products to elevate your practice This mat cleaner is designed by yoga clean freaks and made specially just for yoga mats and props. We wanted to make a better cleaner - one that not only gets the job done but also gives that added boost for mind, body and soul by infusing it with all natural essential oils.
  • PURIFIES YOUR MAT NATURALLY Completely disinfects your mat the natural way! Kills odor causing bacteria on contact. All the germs, dust, bacteria, sweat and all the nasty stuff will vanish with each wipe down! Antibacterial and antifungal properties will keep your hands and feet safe from infections.
  • BETTER & SAFER THAN OTHER MAT CLEANERS If you take your yoga seriously and want the best, all natural ingredients between you and your mat, then this is for you. Made with essential oils. 100% Biodegradable, NO toxic chemicals, NO bleach, NO phosphates, NO animal testing, NO Alcohol (won’t dry out your mat). Safe for the environment. Hypoallergenic - won’t irritate your skin!
  • SAFE FOR ALL MATS & PROPS: If your mat can handle your sweat, then this all natural cleaner is what you need. Its purely water based with essential oil infusions. Just spray and wipe with our FREE wiping towel or any clean towel you have. No sticky or slimy residue. Easily pro-longs the life of your mat. Also safe and effective to use on all your yoga props (blocks, straps, etc.)